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The Agent iSolutions team is currently developing an intelligent multi-agent environment used for developing models of work practice for the purpose of simulating and analyzing current and future work practice in an organization or for providing agent-based software solutions to support the people that are part of the modeled work practice. The environment is called Brahms. Brahms is a data driven (forward chaining) discrete event environment usable for simulation purposes as well as for agent-based software solutions requiring the use of intelligent agents. 

Brahms Forum  
29 April 2009

A Brahms Google Group was created to create a Brahms Forum used to release news about Brahms, new releases, patches, etc and to serve as discussion group for Brahms modelers to discuss Brahms modeling and Brahms agent development. Go to the forum's home page to become a member.

Brahms Agent Environment 2.0.6 alpha Released 
23 September 2011

The Brahms Agent Environment 2.0.6 alpha introduces support for reasoning about and interacting with Java classes and objects such as new Java object creation, and method invocation. The syntax for consequences has been enhanced. The Brahms language now supports the types byte, char, short, and float. It is now possible to declare local variables in the body of a workframe and assign values to those local variables. The language now permits the use of fully qualified names for Brahms concepts and allows for more than one concept with the same simple name. The changes in the language are documented in the language specification version 3.0. A full list of the changes can be found here

Eclipse Brahms Composer Plug-in 1.4.8
17 June 20110

We offer an Eclipse plug-in for developing Brahms models. This plug-in requires Eclipse Galileo 3.5 or Helios 3.6. The Composer Plug-in is currently a subset of the features offered in the Composer IDE such as package and file management, source code editing, compilation and features most of the enhanced editing capabilities offered by Eclipse source code editors. The plug-in now offers design views, however those design views are not as full functional as those available in the Composer. The plug-in now offers full search capabilities, integrates the agent viewer, and supports language specification version 3.0. For instruction on how to download and install the plug-in go to the Download page.

OCAMS deployed in Mission Control 
15 August 2008

The Orbital Communications Adapter Monitoring System (OCAMS) began “live” operations in NASA's ISS Mission Control, on July 8, 2008. OCAMS will be used 24x7 by the ISS OCA Flight Control Team as part of their work process. OCAMS is the first application of intelligent multi-agent system (MAS) technology in NASA’s mission control operations. OCAMS was developed using NASA Ames’s Brahms multi-agent software tools. More... 

Brahms - Modeling and Simulating Work Practice

Maarten Sierhuis has published the first book about Brahms (summary). In this book he discusses the Brahms language and the use of this language in modeling and simulating work practice. Order it now!

Brahms used in Human-Robot Interaction Projects
at NASA Ames Research Center
3 October 2005

Brahms is one of the technologies currently being used to improve the performance and productivity of human-computer systems on future NASA missions. More...


Collaboration with DigitalSpace for Brahms 3D Worlds
8 February 2002

The Brahms team has been collaborating with DigitalSpace on visualizing the simulation results of models of work practice in a virtual world. As part of an STTR the first phase was completed. A report about the results of this collaboration can be found at http://www.digitalspace.com/projects/fmars/project.html.

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